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One opportunity, one encounter

We treasure every encounter, because it will never happen again. The Japanese expression ichigo-ichie("one opportunity, one encounter") was popularized by Sen-no-Rikyu's rules for the tea ceremony, and means, "This encounter with you is unique and will never recur, so I will treasure this moment and show you the best possible hospitality." The expression reminds us that although we may meet again any number of times, we should interact with people with the awareness that we also may never meet again.

We believe all encounters with people have a purpose. All encounters with customers, between employees, and with persons in charge at cooperating firms―such as interior decorating and repair companies―surely have meaning for the people involved. We do not consider any encounter to be meaningless. Hospitality does not mean being pushy, but consists in satisfying the customer. What the customer thinks is important. Was the encounter one where a connection was made and the customer was satisfied? Were the customer's expectations surpassed? We cannot know the answers even if we ask the customers, which is all the more reason we need to be focused on improvement. Although our work is a little different from the "hospitality" of the tea ceremony, providing the highest level of hospitality requires that we make daily efforts to improve ourselves and satisfy the other party. We think the way to achieve this is not to merely flatter or be cautious, but to engender in that person the feeling that they would like to do business with us again. Treasuring encounters is about always being considerate toward the other party while enhancing oneself. We believe that by doing this, we can become people who are able to learn something from everyone we encounter.

Although we handle real estate, we consider the place where we meet our customers as the place where we will be evaluated as agents by our customers. Are we successfully introducing real estate that the customer desires? Are we accurately answering the customer's questions? What does the customer wish for and seek out? Our work involves meeting many new people every day, so we can only know the answers by having them witness our actions moment to moment. This is why we must learn and grow on a daily basis. We must believe that our experience and service knowledge will be of help to the customer, and that what we learn from our customers will be slowly but steadily reflected in our business style and in the properties we work with.

We treasure every encounter.

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