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About Our Logo

Our logo conveys the image of N-Asset Tokyo's six core businesses each in the process of growing: Leasing, Selling and Buying, Property Management, Maintenance & Renovation, Design & Planning, and Asset Consulting. The overall structure of the logo represents the keyaki tree.

Species Zelkova serrata, family Ulmaceae. The tree often adorns streets, such as those along Omotesando and Roppongi Hills. As a large tree growing to heights of 20 to 25 meters and having a long life, giant keyaki have been designated as natural treasures by Japanese national and local governments. The tree's grain is beautiful, and produces a striking luster when polished. It is used in joinery for furniture and fixtures because of its hardness and abrasion resistance. It has also long been used as a construction material for Japanese homes, as well as for shrines and temples. Many local governments designate the keyaki as their symbolic prefectural tree or city tree. Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

We incorporated the image of a keyaki tree because it has been long used as a construction material in Japan, as a motif expressing real estate—including architecture—and to represent our desire for continued growth of the company just as the tree grows large and lives long.

The colors in the logo were chosen to convey the feel of the orient to customers from other countries, by using traditional Japanese colors. From the left:


The "N" in N-Asset Tokyo stands for "Nexus," in the sense of bond or link. It expresses the fact that our business consists of bonds with all our customers, and of bonds and confluences with firms in the same field, interior decorating companies, construction companies, and of course among our employees, and signifies our commitment to cherish these bonds.

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