Asset consulting

Comprehensive Capabilities to Handle All Future Potentialities

Naturally, the value of real estate is not determined only by its convenience and spaciousness. Consulting starts by taking consideration all manner of information, such as what kind of people live in the surrounding areas, if there is some historical circumstance concerning the land, how the overall scenery of the area is, where the property is positioned in the neighborhood, what image is associated with the place name. Such analysis backed by long years of experience is what enables us to produce unique proposals that other companies cannot imitate.

Examination from a tax management perspective is of course also indispensible. N-Asset Tokyo coordinates with tax and legal specialists to guide our clients in choosing the best courses of action from an overall standpoint. However, it must be noted the current best course may not be the best course in the future — especially with regard to taxes. Since tax law, road rates and other factors affecting real estate prices change from year to year, the best course of action must be reconsidered in account of the circumstances prevailing 10 and 20 years in the future. The comprehensive capabilities to handle such circumstances represent another strong point of N-Asset Tokyo.

  • Inspection of real estate (and other assets)
  • Property valuation
  • Extraction of problem points
Report submission
  • Major renovations
  • Consultation on reconstruction
  • Parking lots
Proposal submission
Product Plans and Proposals
  • Confirmation of trade area
  • Verification of positioning
  • Customer targeting analysis
  • Setting of target
    (orientation on living space, furnishings, ) and design
  • Concept creation
  • Setting of rent rate
  • Provisions during life
  • Wills (formulation of estate partition proposals)
  • Securing of financial resources for tax payment
  • In-kind payment and support for in-kind payment
Proposal submission
Image: Asset consulting
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