We introduce world-class residences to people active on the global scene.

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80% of N-Asset Tokyo's customers are foreign residents working at European, American, or other foreign-affiliated companies, or high officials at government agencies. Our experienced staff members know the market inside and out, and introduce residences to such globally active people tailored to their individual desires.

For foreign-affiliated corporations such as financial firms that send large numbers of foreign nationals to Japan, the relocation service companies they utilize function as a contact point for selecting housing. For other foreign-affiliated corporations, the contact point is in their general affairs or human resources departments, as is the case in Japanese companies. We interface with relocation service companies and human resources or other departments within such corporations, and assist in finding ideal residences in Tokyo through direct communication with individual customers using the Internet.

The mere act of showing a property does not require a real estate agent. We value communication. Based on our extensive long-term experience in the heart of the city, we are well-prepared to answer all manner of questions, including basic information such as daily shopping, dining, and school bus routes, as well as for instance the status of the neighborhood, how a particular property ranks within the area, what class of people live nearby, the building's management system, and what distinguishes the property from others. We have a keen sense of customer preferences, such as what kind of appearances, building atmosphere, and area atmosphere will appeal to them. We gain this sense as we actually show various properties, and make recommendations accordingly. This is why we have attractive properties we are able to introduce. The atmosphere of a residence cannot be sensed merely from its floor plan or exterior photographs. Information backed by experience is indispensible in home selection. This is why we have ideal residences that can be found. We take care to deal with customers as professionals in all situations, from assimilating property information to handing the future return of a customer to his or her home country.

We are proud of our repeat orders from satisfied customers and the fact that most of our customers come from referrals. We strongly desire to continue our efforts and to assist more and more new customers.

* Relocation service: a total support service for all relocation-related procedures, from overseas moves, visa acquisitions, airplane ticketing, housing arrangements, (tax services,) and child education consultation, to work transfer procedures.

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