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We are a partner in pursuing residence value that will extend far into the future.

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How much can a property are sold for now? Although there are a variety of reasons for selling, misjudging expected transaction prices throws off sales plans considerably. The most important factors in selling a property are the prevailing market conditions and an accurate ascertainment of the expected transaction price. At N-Asset Tokyo, in addition to the material value of the property, we examine all manner of other information—for instance, what kind of people live in the surrounding areas, if there is some historical circumstance concerning the land, how the overall scenery of the area is, where the property is positioned in the neighborhood, and what image is associated with the place name. It is the nature of real estate that a property just one street over will have a different value. It can also be said in particular that the fact that the city center is convenient is what makes assessment difficult. It is our staff members with long years of experience in real estate in the heart of Tokyo that enable us to derive accurate assessments.

The second most important factor is marketing ability. Property searches are changing as the Internet gains popularity. However, this does not mean that the old ways have disappeared. N-Asset Tokyo's reliable methodology for the sale of high-class real estate includes such questions as: Are we providing information via all possible communication channels? Is the overall feel of the property being conveyed? Are the characteristics of the property being exhaustively presented to the buyer?

Is now the time to buy? Although purchase motivations vary, what is a high asset value property according to the customer? In such cases, what factors should be used in selection. Purchase of high-class real estate in the heart of the city differs from general real estate in that it requires more micro-level ascertainments and analysis of marketing conditions. What will the customer do in the event of another move in the future? Can the property by leased? If it is leased, will the lessee be Japanese or foreign? Can it be sold? We think there are many cases in which the selection factors differ from those associated with the purchase of residential real estate by the general public. N-Asset Tokyo has staff able to answer questions from all angles. Please make use of us as a good partner for your important assets.

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